How integrated is technology in your daily communication?

Technology has completely taken over my life. I just read a post on twitter that says, “Before the Internet, if someone disappeared, it meant you should go looking for them. Now it means they got a life.” To me, this applies to all of technology. I still use email but as soon as I send it, I text the person or contact them on Facebook, AIM, Yahoo IM or Twitter to let them know that I’ve sent it and they should respond accordingly. In addition to checking my email (both of them) first thing in the morning I also have to check to see if I missed any breaking news.

Social networking sites like Twitter have really been troublesome. I will stop what I’m doing to tweet or twitpic something I just saw, heard, thought-of etc. I cannot even watch a television show or movie without tweeting a play by-play of my thoughts (which results in me missing parts of the story and being upset). YouTube has the same effect on my life. I constantly remember videos or television shows that I liked as a kid and look them up. If I did not have access to these tools via my cell phone I would never leave the house.

I just read this article about studies showing how the brain can be used to control certain devices. I’ve always joked that there will eventually be a microchip in our brains but the fact that this is being developed is scary. I have to ween myself off of technology now before it is too late.

What can’t you go a day without?


One thought on “How integrated is technology in your daily communication?

  1. Can’t go a day without Mashable.
    I really like your layout and simple design. Lots of content already!
    Since you have tag or category links next to your story titles, I would like to see a categories list or tag cloud. 🙂

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