Finding the Right Theme is like finding the Right Man

I have used WordPress for a month now and I change my theme every week. I am looking for something that understands my need for space and expressing myself but so far I have only found the selfish themes that are not willing to change. I have had several one-week stands but I’m ready to enter into something that can lasts for several months. I know you shouldn’t date potential but there are only 79 themes to choose from.

I started with DePo Masthead. I loved that it was different and we had so much in common. However, after I wrote more than three posts readers had to read the archives to see the other posts. I loved that you could add widgets like twitter and the subscribe button but there was no reason to look further because all the information was right there. The most appealing aspect was the clean design.

After examining my stats, I wanted people to explore the site and look at more than the home page.

The challenging boyfriend: Hemingway was my next victim. I love that it’s split horizontally and you see everything the page has to offer without scrolling. Since it shows the first few lines of your most recent posts, it challenged me to write better intros and change my titles to something that people would want to click on. It turns out that this was the “boyfriend everyone hated”. I loved it but my friends weren’t too excited about it. It was “too clean”. Readers who know me suggested that I find something that fit my personality.

At this point, I liked seeing post in their entirety as well as having a clean look but I still needed something to express my creativity. I went through an experimenting phrase where I tried any and everything hoping to find something I truly enjoyed.

Monotone was my fondest experiment because the colors of the page change to match your photos but it requires that you add a photo to each post. I have no wish to do that so this wasn’t the theme for me but I do love the idea of different page colors.

Vigilance is my latest ex-theme. It is the most customizable theme I’ve used so far. You are able to hand-pick all the colors to the background and links. It works well with Typekit and you can add your own header. Others liked this theme more than I did which brings me to my most current theme: Andreas.

As I type this, I already know there will be another blog change in the future. I can’t keep going through the motions and acting like everything is okay each time my heart gets broken. I am tired of making sacrifices and changing myself to accommodate these themes. I want to do things my way… is that asking too much?


2 thoughts on “Finding the Right Theme is like finding the Right Man

  1. I had the distinct honor of being able to look into the world of blogging from Sheana’s perspective.

    I appreciate the fact that the for the most part the blog does focus on the topic in which is being written about. Along with focusing on the topic, I love that the topic and titles are catchy enough to draw you in.
    The metaphors were such that one could not help but be curious. It is like walking past a room full of people clapping and laughing – you may not know exactly what it is, but you can’t help but want to know what is going on and how you can possibly be a part of it.

    The information in the blogs is such that you do find yourself asking questions and possibly even speaking to yourself in a manner in which you may not have done had you of not read the blog.
    I would not say that it was extraordinary, but it was definitely thought provoking.

    I would like to see more upbeat and broader topics, which would help to expand the talent of blogging in which you can clearly see, exist in the writing. The passion and conviction, which seeps through is incredible – however I would like to see a larger variety of topics, which would allow more of the talents to shine through.
    As a reader, I felt drawn in and I believe that is a very important aspect, which would keep the readers coming back as well as spreading the word to friends.

    The main things that would make me return are: the overall passion for the topics and the use of metaphoric value that is expressed.
    In addition, I appreciate the way that links to different articles are placed on the blogs allowing the reader to see what is going on for themselves.

    Questions are being asked of the reader which allows for participation with the blogger and it kind of makes you feel as though you have a major stake in the decision making process.

    Overall, I would say kudos to Sheana, keep up the good work and I look forward to reading future blogs by and with you as well as being a part of daily blogosphere.

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