Getting to Know Me

Quarter-life Crisis Part II: The Present (Career)

The first part of this story can be found here.

I have worked without interruption since the age of 15. I have worked at schools, fast food restaurants, movie theatres, and grocery stores. I’ve also interned at places like Kraft, Eli’s Cheesecake and Disney. I never thought I would have to worry about finding a job with so much experience.

Initially, I applied for retail management jobs. I worked so hard to finally become a manager. I wanted more time to learn and grow; nine months hardly qualifies as substantial management experience but I was going for it anyway. I tend to get interviews based on my resume (which is a good thing) but I haven’t been landing the jobs (which is a bad thing). One thing people don’t realize about Disney is that although I was labeled a retail guest service manager, the focus was really JUST guest service. This is something I also didn’t realize while blindly applying for jobs.

After months of looking, I was unable to find a job that I was qualified for and wanted. Turns out, I actually didn’t know what I wanted so I was wasting time by looking. I decided to do some soul-searching in hopes of finding what truly made me happy. Several career and personality assessments later, I discovered:

• I am an auditory and visual learner.
• The right side of my brain is more dominant.
• I have a fear of success and failure.
• I have a healthy balance of optimism and pessimism.
• I am very social and should pursue careers involving helping people.

This information led to me research careers that were suited to my natural abilities. After months of research, I decided to pursue a 2nd Bachelors degree in Internet Marketing. I needed a fluid program that allowed me to work for virtually any company performing a variety of tasks. I am interested in a career where I can work in the background but also work with people. The jobs I liked the most all contained some element of chaos. I like hectic work environments, where each day is different but exciting.

My latest goal is to find an internship related to my newest degree (Internet Marketing) by this summer. I like internships because you’re in the best position to learn. I started utilizing social media with this end result in mind. I’m making great contacts but I need help with transferring these contacts into opportunities. Please help!

Do you have any advice, words of wisdom or resources to share with me?


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