Conan versus Jay (the saga continues)

Originally published January 28, 2010

After watching Jay Leno on Oprah, I still think he made a poor decision. In the interview, he consistently blamed NBC and the affiliates for their decisions but never once did he think he did anything wrong. Jay Leno put too much effort into being a company man, a YES-man than being a decent human being. He acts as if he never had the option of saying “no”. Conan O’Brien showed the world that it’s okay to take a stand. America wanted to see Jay Leno do the same. There has to be a point where you stand up for what you believe in or let go and move on.

I’ve heard the argument that his dream job was taken away while he was on top and now that he has a second chance he had to pounce on it. If Jay Leno did not want to give up the Tonight Show five years ago he should’ve said so. He made a point to say that NBC wouldn’t let him out of his contract as if it’s iron clad and attached to him with chains. I refuse to believe that Jay Leno thought he never had any authority to make demands. Regardless of what has transpired since then, he has no excuse to be inconsiderate to the next person who is in the same predicament.

If you hadn’t guessed: Yes! I am one of the many Conan fans who did not watch the show regularly. Of course, if every Conan fan had watched the show regularly this would not be a topic but doesn’t the increase of fan support at the end mean anything? Family Guy was canceled and brought back multiple times because of fan support, maybe Conan has a chance too.

A lot of Americans lost hope in President Obama after seven months in office but that seems a little premature. I personally don’t feel like seven months is enough time to accomplish anything. There is more support for Conan over Jay because we don’t feel like they gave Conan a chance. I don’t know how long is long enough to say “forget it” but it has to be at least a year.

Jay Leno has a lot of pressure to produce quality material. Hopefully, he will leave most of the antics of The Jay Leno Show behind and steal material from others (as suggested by David Letterman).

*Updated May 2, 2010*

I’m so happy that Conan is getting a show on TBS this fall. His Twitter account account has been a huge success. His tour seems to be going extremely well and if anyone has tickets to the Chicago dates CONTACT ME! Every thing is really working out for Conan so I’m excited to see what he has to say on 60 minutes tonight!


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