Interview Happenings and Mishaps

What I forgot to mention in my last post is that I interviewed A LOT in May. May 1st, I was called to interview with *secret company A* in Indianapolis, IN. The interview was very informal and the interviewer did what I hated the most: he answered every question that he had ever been asked in an interview! This may have helped him but it certainly didn’t help me. I had to think fast and I ended up asking him about the dress code and company morale. When asked when I could expect a decision, I was told 1 week.

May 10th, I received a call from *secret company B* about interviewing in Chicago. This interview was for a job similar to that of *secret company A*. This interview threw me for a loop because I had to role play a situation that is a major component of the job. I like to be prepared for these sort of things and I only had a minute to get it together. When asked when I could expect a decision, I was told 24 hours.

May 12th, I received yet another phone call to interview with *secret company C* in Orlando, FL. (I know what you’re thinking and the answer is: YES! I am willing to work anywhere). The funny thing about *secret company C* is that I didn’t apply for anything so I didn’t know what I was interviewing for. There were a lot of questions that I wasn’t prepared for but I was able to think quickly and give it my best.

I’ve been unemployed for a year and one thing I’ve learned is how to expect the unexpected. If you have been job searching for an extended period of time, here is some advice:

STAY FOCUSED! ~Keep a to-do list and make sure you are able to meet one, two or all of your goals on a daily/weekly basis. I kept an Excel spreadsheet of the jobs I applied for and the results so that I could follow up with those employers I hadn’t heard from. This not only gave me something to do but I felt like I was accomplishing something on a regular basis.

STAY POSITIVE! ~ Every one gets discouraged but it’s your attitude that keeps you going. Nothing lasts forever even if it seems that way.

STAY CURRENT ~The more time that passes without working, the more I forget what I did at my last job. Make it a habit to go over your resume and relive job duties/responsibilities and accomplishments.

KEEP IN TOUCH ~I network all the time, mostly through Twitter. In the past, I never wanted to bother people so I left them alone but if you don’t speak up then you can’t be helped. It’s so important to keep in touch with contacts because reaching out to someone only when you need something is not the impression you want to make.

I’ve been on this journey a while now and reading stories like mine have helped me gain a new perspective. I wish every one in my position luck and peace of mind.


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