I Got a J-O-B!!! (Actually 3 jobs)

WOW! It sure feels good. I got to celebrate my one year anniversary of being laid off by accepting a job offer. AND not just ONE offer, not TWO, but THREE job offers. Here’s what happened.

Well you know in my last post I mentioned having three separate interviews in three different states. At the end of each interview, I asked when I could expect to hear back regarding my employment with that company. The answers varied but it turns out that they all LIED! No one got back to me when they said they would. Well *secret company A* and *secret company B* didn’t and *secret company C* didn’t have a chance to.

I got the call from *secret company A* three weeks after the interview which would seem quick but I was told one week and by this time I had interviewed with two other companies. My unemployment is ending soon so I was determined to accept the first job offer that I was given. The job paid wayyyy more than unemployment so I was all in. The only issue was relocating to Indianapolis. I had no problem with relocating in itself but this is one of the few places that I don’t have any friends and honestly had to do it on my own. No stranger to a challenge, I got to work.

During this time, I was still wondering about the status of the other jobs I interviewed for so I decided to rank the jobs under the assumption that I got them all. My first choice was actually the last interview I had and that was with *secret company C*. This job was sure to pay more and the job was more dynamic plus I would be able to move back to Florida (which is where I belong). The second job choice would be *secret company B* because it was in Chicago and paid the same amount as *secret company A* and that company was ranked third.

*Secret company B* called me a couple of days later and informed me that I had a job offer with them. Based on my rankings, I decided to accept this offer as well. Staying in Chicago is much easier than relocating to Indianapolis especially when the pay is the same.
Since *Secret company C* is who I wanted to work for, I had to contact them to see if they were making me an offer. The interview was only one week before but surely they had an idea of my future with their company. It turns out that they were planning to make me an offer the next week (after Memorial day). I, of course, accepted this job offer as well.

Now is the hard part. I have never in my life declined a job offer. What’s the best way to tell a company “Thanks, but no thanks”?


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