4 thoughts on “Freelance Web Designer?

  1. My only comment regarding the web page design is that the essential structure in every internet presence but certain elements remain neglected from a lot of people even until this very day. A good overall design includes the characteristics which could make your internet site stand above the rest or at least be remembered easily. I really believe certainly one of these elements could be the logo on the company or website. Thinking about the logotype seriously isn’t to copy the layout of an similar logo but to create something which will first characterize your company or site and 2nd to help people remember this unique design when they notice randomly someplace else.

  2. Hello:

    I like what I think is A but I also like B. Good Luck to your endeavors.

    I am looking for a Blog structure to use with my site. I want to write ideas on the site for my AVON Business as well as for my future writings.


    703-898-1514 (Work Cell)

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