Picture A Day

Jan Week 1: Me, Breakfast, Something I Adore, Letterbox, Something I Wore, Makes me Smile, Favorite

I just started my first ever photo challenge and here are the results. Some pictures could definitely be better but I’m more concerned about the commitment. I actually remembered to take a picture for each category!

Me: The picture of me in the hat is in Vegas. I started my year out in Sin City with my best friends.

Breakfast: This pic is from the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian. There is also a Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago and it is one of my go-to restaurants for good food at a good price.

Something I Adore: My MacBook Pro. I have had this computer for about 3 years now and I’ve never had a problem with it *crosses fingers*

Letterbox: I took a picture of my digital letterbox. I never check voicemails so it’s always full.

Something I Wore: I make it a habit to go through all of my clothes on a regular basis. I just took a picture of my whole closet because I’ve worn all of it.

Makes Me Smile: I had to use a collage for this category. Friends, food, traveling, shopping… all make me smile.

Favorite: My Coach purse. I bought this purse as a Christmas present to myself Dec 2010. I’ve carried it everyday since then. I actually tried to switch and carry another purse but it didn’t feel right.


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