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I’m blogging again!

January 4, 2010 I started this blog and I did good until August 18th, where I posted a generic post related to my old job. Things have changed so much and I miss sharing my thoughts, feelings and ideas with the free world. Please indulge, support and comment to encourage me to keep going. I didn’t blog all of last year and that time was perhaps when I needed to the most. Here’s a little timeline:

June 2010 – Started working as a Service & Training Manager with Old Navy as well as attending school for an Internet Marketing degree. Celebrated my birthday (and one (1) year of unemployment) by moving from Chicago to Orlando for this job. I worked at the largest Old Navy in Orlando. I learned a lot, worked with great people and had a boss who appreciated me. I was happy.

December 2010 – Dropped out of school because I ran out of financial aid and didn’t have the time due to the retail industry killing me over the holidays. I was also moved to a new (existing but new to me) Old Navy to fill in for the holidays.

January 2011 – Almost immediately I realized that this wasn’t the place for me. The store manager wanted a robot but I’m a free thinking Gemini so this relationship went nowhere fast. I constantly asked upper management when they planned to hire someone else because I wasn’t a good fit. I was told to deal with it because all work situations cannot be ideal. I was talked to like a child, treated like a lesser being and overall demoralized in every conceivable way. I took the time to drive home for lunch because I didn’t want to stay in the building. I went out of my way to help customers because that was my only outlet. The more I excelled at my job, the more I became a punching bag for the company. There had to be a reason that two (2) managers quit within the last month and I seemed to be the only one who actually cared about the effect that had on the employees. I felt alone and stuck.

March 2011 – I closed the store that night and while on the phone with a friend decided that I was never going back to Old Navy (at least as a manager). I was talking to her and actually said, “I’m not suicidal but if I go back to that store, someone is going to get hurt… and it won’t be me. I would never hurt myself but if I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle I wouldn’t be upset.” This has to be the point people reach before they really do hurt themselves or snap. I was done! You can’t explain what it takes to get you to that level but once you get there YOU KNOW. Fortunately, I was interviewing for other jobs. I was very open with my boss about seeking employment elsewhere and luckily she seemed to want me gone as much as I wanted to be gone. I spent the end of March surrounded by friends and family then I got a call that changed EVERYTHING.

April 2011 – I accepted a job within the airline industry. There were some cons: A. I wasn’t going to make much money. B. I had to pay for my own move from Orlando BACK to Chicago. C. I was starting at the bottom. There were also pros: A. I get to fly for free. Well, that’s the only pro that matters.

Here it is January 2012 and I’m still with this company and loving it. Old Navy was the worst job that I ever had but had it not been for that experience I would have never been able to fully enjoy the blessing of the job that I have now.


1. Be more specific and open. I am very secretive by nature which impedes my ability to fully communicate what I’m going through. It’s hard to tell a story and hide half of the information. I hold so much inside that it wears me out. If you ask a question, I give an honest answer but I never volunteer any more information than deemed necessary.

2. Spend more time with friends and family. I’ve always lived away from home. I’m not accustomed to juggling work with family and friends. I am consciously working on this.

3. Experience new things. With this resolution comes the hope that I try something new and then wonder how I lived so long without it. Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “I’m blogging again!

  1. Sounds a lot like my last year and a half, except starting in September. Moved to another photo lab, everyone treated me like a child that didn’t know what they were doing, yet I was the only one in that store capable of actually helping anyone or running the lab properly.

    I technically wasn’t eligible for a transfer, but the store manager seemed to want me gone as badly as I wanted to go, and I was given the opportunity to come back to the lab I really belonged at, and it’s made me so much more grateful for what I have, and how good I really have it. As bad as it was, I’m grateful for the experience because it’s made me so much happier with what I have.

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