Picture A Day

Jan Week 2: My Sky, Daily Routine, Childhood, Where I sleep, Close Up, In My Bag, Something I’m Reading

Another week, another week of pictures.

My Sky: I work when I’m not traveling and luckily to two go hand in hand for me. I took a picture of all the Southwest planes lined up early in the morning.

Daily Routine: I wash my hair at least once a week but I have to complete a daily hair regimen that keeps my natural hair looking healthy in between washes.

Childhood: I used another collage and this one contains pictures from different years in my youth (8th grade graduation, 4th grade portrait, random outings)

Where I sleep: I work so much that I’m often the most tired at work. This particular table in the break room is where I would lay my head if I could (it’s frowned upon in the aviation industry to sleep at any point on the job – even breaks).

Close Up: I remember talking to my moms fiancée one day, about 15 years ago, and he says “You have very pretty eyes. Don’t let that go to your head.” I still don’t know exactly what he was referring to because he’s the only one to ever compliment me on my eyes.

In My Bag: I always keep food in my purse (hence, the popcorn) but also any items that may be needed if I get stranded somewhere (iPod, calendar, wallet, work id, Altoids, lip gloss).

Something I’m Reading: I drink a lot of juice. More and more companies are adding fun facts and trivia to their packaging. This particular juice cap just happened to have a saying that I agree with.


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