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January Wrap Up

This month went by so fast! I participated in a photo challenge and it went surprisingly well. Here are the last three pictures from the month (inside my fridge, nature, and another snapshot of ME).

I started out the year in Vegas (Jan 1st-3rd). Here are some pics and a short video from that trip.

Pop Locking at the Grand Lux (Vegas)

The next week (Jan 9th-10th) I went to NYC for the first time. For 24 hours I think I got around pretty good. I filmed a commercial with Chuck Nice at the Hershey Store, walked around Times Square, took the subway to the World Trade Center and ate a top rated pizza place. Here are some of those pics:

My last trip of the month (Jan 22nd-24th) was to Orlando to visit one of my best friends. Here is a pic of her beautiful baby girl who turns 1 on Feb 13th.


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