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30 by 30 list!

My birthday is exactly one month away from today – I’ll be 28! I decided to make a 30×30 list to have something to look forward to over the next couple of years. In no particular order, here is my list:

1. Learn how to ride a bike (not a motorcycle, just a basic bicycle – I never had one as a kid.)

2. Visit the White House

3. Ride a hot air balloon

4. Have the belief that one day I will pay off my debt (even though I continually increase it)

5. Own a black lace bra that fits perfectly

6. Take a dancing class

7. Learn how to quit a job, break up with a man and confront a friend without ruining the relationship

8. Have an emergency fund that can cover 6 months of expenses

9. Have the ability to not touch the emergency fund

10. Go on a cruise

11. Learn how to save myself in a large body of water

12. Attend a concert

13. Have a secret

14. Learn how to shoot a gun

15. Go skiing in Denver (preferably at Beaver Creek Lodge)

16. Own at least one pair of expensive shoes or a piece of expensive jewelry

17. Have a job that allows me to pay rent and maintain satisfying relationships

18. Learn how to trust

19. Catch a fish

20. Have GO-TO Items: a meal I can cook, an outfit to wear (any occasion), a joke to tell

21. Learn how to build something

22. Start a scholarship

23. Ride in a helicopter

24. Be an extra in a movie

25. Learn how to change a flat tire

26. Go to a Bingo night at a neighborhood church

27. Have professional photos taken and framed

28. Eat at a place showcased on the Food Network

29. Stay at a bed and breakfast in another country

30. Have a safe deposit box with: passport, credit card and emergency cash


1. Own a piece of furniture from Z Gallerie

2. Break a Guinness Book World Record

Do you have a to do list by a certain age ? If so, what’s on it? Does having a list increase your chances of doing what’s on the list by the deadline?


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