About Me

I like*: to make people smile, family, quality time, reading, following directions, learning, silence, talking, shopping, texting, bedding, sweaters, air freshener, electricity, Apple products, to feel loved, luggage, greeting cards, writing, Spanish, naps, komodo dragons, laughter, talent, ice cream, cereal, traveling, call waiting, card games, to smile, wireless internet, cooking, social networking sites, cable, attitude, glasses (the kind you wear), dishes, being creative and now BLOGGING!

I dislike*: crying, pessimism, reading maps, shorts, milk, bad smells, violence, adhesive, stuffed animals, fast food, asparagus (the color), asparagus (the vegetable), internet dating sites, attitude, cleaning, misunderstandings, hair, WAITING, hail, knowing how the movie is going to end, gossip, commercials, the sound of shoes squeaking on a basketball court, annoying laughs, gorillas, acronyms, selfishness, malignant diseases, satchels, carbonated beverages, liquid cheese, movie theater popcorn and bad endings.

*Items are subject to change at anytime.


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